Fasone Construction


Our Mission:

As a woman-owned business, we’re no stranger to overcoming obstacles—both as an organization and on the project level. Fortunately, these obstacles have made us resilient and fully capable to see every clients’ project through to the end. We are committed to maintaining accountability and professionalism in all the work that we do, as well as building a sense of community amongst our team and with our clients as a whole. We always strive to be the best version of ourselves and to complete jobs with an exceptional level of care.

About Fasone Construction

Fasone Construction can completely manage a new construction or renovation project, as well as utilize its large team of professional tradesmen to complete the job. Fasone leverages its in-house design team and logistical know-how to seamlessly execute projects. With over 25 years of general contracting experience, coupled with well over 10 years of state & federal contracting experience, we know how to get projects done.

Safety Is Fasone Construction's Priority

Safety is something we have never taken lightly—and with a safety rating of .83 emr, our hard work has paid off. On every job, we start each day by inspecting equipment and reviewing our safety plans for the site. Additionally, we train all of our workers extensively on the best safety practices and injury prevention, so you can be certain that no corners are being cut in the making of your project.

Our Niche

With over two decades of general contracting experience, we have had the opportunity to hone our niche and become true specialists in our field. We have worked extensively on federal and military projects, historical projects, and remote projects, all of which require an expert eye. The nature of these jobs requires knowledge and expertise you can’t find just anywhere—but you can find it at Fasone.

Our Previous Clients