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While having a vision is the first step, translating that vision into concrete plans is the second, which is where our in-house design team comes in. Instead of outsourcing the design of your project, we handle it in-house to provide you with exceptional service and ideal results. Executing your vision may require great feats, but we are certainly up to the challenge.

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Our Recent Projects

Vail and Vickers Ranch House on Santa Rosa Island

The historical renovation of the Santa Rosa Island Ranch house is a project we are extremely proud of. We managed the project, handled the logistics and design, and used our own traders to get this job done.

Veterans Business Administration

For this project at the Wilshire Federal Building, we embarked on a 29k square foot renovation, including removing asbestos and building out an entirely new floorplan

Big Bear Discovery Center

The Big Bear Discovery Center was opened in 1998 and is one of the largest visitor centers in the Big Bear Valley. Fasone Construction was tasked with a complete interior renovation of a 14,000 sq. ft. building, as well as constructing an exterior parking lot RVs.

J&J Tank

J&J Snack Foods is the nation’s leader in providing nutritious and affordable niche snack foods to foodservice and retail supermarket outlets across the U.S. Fasone Construction was engaged to install a grease separator. This

Santa Ana Federal Building

This project was very complex and required a detailed submittal process with product development through a series of mock ups and establishment of quality control procedures, and working closely with a concrete patching manufacturer to develop a custom color product.

US Courthouse Chiller

Fasone Construction was retained for a federal project - total replacement of the chiller and cooling tower. This project presented unique challenges as it was a 14 story building in the middle of Los Angeles. Through thorough logistics planning, design, and project management we accomplished this complicated project with steadfast efficiency.

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